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Welcome to Project NHibernate Business Layer



Date News
28-Dec-2006 I just posted about NhbBusiness in my blog. Read it to learn more!
27-Dec-2006 Project NHibernate Business Layer launched.

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A business layer on top of NHibernate that helps the user in dealing with most routine tasks in an ORM mapper, like saving, updating, deleting, retrieving collections of objects, transactions, etc.

This project aims at making the job of using nhibernate a lot easier by giving you a lot of features that make up for a lot of code at no cost like: typed business managers, typed collections, multiple transactions, and a lot more. Features will be added to the features page as they are added.

If you want to contribute please feel free to join the team, but only do so if you have time to spare, since we want commited people in the team.

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